Jake Potter

Jake Potter is an Open Floor Movement Teacher, Founder of ACEP, Associate Lecturer at Ikon Institute of Australia, practising Psychotherapist and host of the Embodied Life Podcast.

Jake has received a BA of Counselling & Psychotherapy, is a Certified Open Floor Movement Teacher and has guest lectured at Universities such as New York University (NYU), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and Ikon Institute on topics of movement, agency the body and psychotherapeutic practice.

Award Winner of the 2020 Dr Rafael Locke Award.
This award is given for demonstrating Clinical and Academic Excellence in the practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Open Floor Movement Practice

Open Floor is a resource-based movement practice. We explore new ways of moving and responding to what is happening with intention and purpose. We learn to understand our habits and patterns for deeper insight and self-awareness.

Open Floor movement practice offers a dynamic, creative toolkit of resources to move through life, fully embodied. The more we embody different responses in our movements, the more resources we can call on to move through life with flexibility, resilience, and ease.

Integrative Psychotherapy

Jake is an integrative psychotherapist. Jake’s integrative approach implements a wide range of therapeutic models with a person-centred approach that sees you as a ‘whole person’. Jake’s practice has a focus on but is not limited to, Attachment Theory, Trauma, Psychodynamic and Integrative Models of practice. Additionally, he practices with a somatic and embodied approach that seeks to support the ‘whole’ of the person.

Jake understands that you are unique, so he will work with you to create an individualised and personalised treatment plan that is bespoke to your needs. Jake provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to grow inner resources to fully embrace the challenges of life

Jake has worked with…


In this podcast Jake Potter interviews the world’s leaders on all things embodiment, life, and mind, giving us tools and insights on how to deepen our embodiment to ourselves, each other and the more-than-human world.


What people are saying…

“I had the pleasure of seeing Jake and I can highly recommend him. He shared a wealth of knowledge as well as deep compassion and understanding. I’m so glad that somewhere like ACEP exists and can help navigate any terrain of the mind.”

– Jo

“The kindness, gentleness, acceptance, joy, and intention with which Jake guided the group is an inspiration to me as a person and a facilitator.”

– Naomi, Psychologist

“My experience with ACEP reminded me of the value of trained, professional, and compassionate staff dedicated to their cause. My case was met with empathy and I was able to resolve areas of my life which had emotional blockages. I would highly recommend ACEP to anyone seeking liberation from mental or emotional limitations.”

– Andrea