About Jake


“I have a profound love for the medicine of movement and dance. I dance to uncover the wisdom of my body, to move from fixed to fluid, to embrace change and become more awake. The dance dares me to show up as I am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I honour uniqueness and diversity in my work, and am always seeking to expand my capacity to experience the fullness of humanity.”

Jake is an internationally accredited Open Floor Movement Teacher and achieved a certificate in Integral Leadershipwhilst living and teaching Open Floor Movement Practice at the Esalen Institute in California, USA. He is a current student of Integrative Psychotherapy and has studied conscious movement practices such as Open Floor, 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, Contact Dance and many others across the globe. Jake has taught in Australia and the United States of America, with his home base being in Melbourne, Australia.

Jake is the Co-founder of Common Roots; a Melbourne based social enterprise empowering emerging adults through movement-based rites of passage and embodied leadership programs, with colleague, Henry Fowkes.

Jake is a member of the ICMTA (International Conscious Movement Teachers Association).

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