Andrea Juhan – Therapy in Motion

Becoming an attuned and skillful inhabitant of a human body has always fascinated me. Embodiment as a path of study and devotion holds the felt sense of life as we live it, the creative qualities of imagination, inspiration, and art and the transcendent qualities of presence, compassion, love and Union with Spirit.

I have approached embodiment through every doorway I could find: Bodywork, Yoga, dance of all kinds, hiking, living life, being a mother, a lover, Somatic psychotherapy, meditation, thru professional trainings, academic programs and constant dedicated practice.

The following 3 areas have had a huge influence in my work

 – 12 years as a community member at Esalen Institute, where I studied: Gestalt Awareness Practice with Chris and Dick Price, Movement with Anna + Daria Halprin, and Gabrielle Roth, and many other astounding teachers in the fields of humanistic psychology and the healing arts. I taught body work and dance and worked on the massage crew.

 – Training with Gabrielle Roth in the 5Rhythms® inspired my teaching and training globally for over thirty years.

 – My education and work in clinical somatic psychology as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Training Faculty for the Rosenberg Institute for Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)

The words I hear the most about my style of teaching is: clear, kind, insightful and courageous. This means a lot to me as so many of my teachers mentioned above and beyond have held me in the same.

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In this episode we talk all things…
 – Being an inhabitant of the body
 – Psychotherapy in motion
 – Encounter work in Open Floor Movement Practice
 – Embodied Group Therapy
 – The need for up-regulation
 – An embodied look at Attachment theory
 – And Embodied practice as laying the foundation for spiritual development